Singapore GEG meetup

Check out how “GOOGLE” reads “WELCOME” from opposite directions!

It was a privilege to be able to help out at the Singapore GEG tonight. Not to mention fun, too.

With the setting up of the Google Singapore educator group this evening, it was also a relief to combine all educators working in Singapore onto a common platform at last. I remember how in the good ol’ days, we had one Google+ group for GEG Singapore comprised mainly of educators from Singapore international schools, and another Google+ group GEG SG, consisting of educators in Singapore government schools. Logistically a challenge to publicise events on both groups, as one always ends up being flagged as spam by Google.

More importantly, it was an appropriate time to publicise the upcoming Singapore Academy, and to talk more to interested applicants about how to apply as an Innovator.

Big thank you to Wendy Gorton from Google for Education Innovator Program Team for the invite, and Aileen from Google Singapore for making this meet up possible! With so many new faces and old friends to catch up with, it really takes more than one evening worth to speak to everyone properly.

After all the ice breakers and how-do-you-dos, Wendy took everyone through the application process to become a Google Certified Innovator.

Google Singapore office

One of the things I liked about the meet up was the Gripe Jam.

With such a sour sounding name, it does seem like a session of hand-wringing and name calling (after all, that’s what usually happens when you pack 50 teachers in a room with food and coffee). However, Gripe Jam was anything but.

Not only does it provide a channel for participants to delve into their minds to unpack potential problems, but it also served as a precursor to what participants could expect if they were to to be accepted into the Innovator Academy. Such support on unpacking potential ideas really benefits educators on how to dissect their problems constructively and appraise the type of projects they would like to embrace. Ultimately, it is an excellent exercise for potential applicants to better understand themselves and decide if their personal challenge has what it takes to be an Innovator Project.

Google wall

The office tour, as always, was a big hit. I remembered the rush when being led down the rabbit hole for the first time, and I’m sure many also felt the same.

Oooo, Lego wall! I bet this would look great in our break room!

Wow, a foosball table!

Are the candies really free?

To be able to get a peek into the much desired Google office and gape at the various ongoings was (and still is) a dream come true for many EdTech teachers. Gawking at the vibrancy and mentally spicing up your own workspace with things you never thought you needed, but now you cannot do without.

Window view was practically the first pit stop for participants visiting for the first time

I am not sure how many photos I am allowed to share due to privacy issues, but in this case, the less the better, to maintain the mystical cloak of the candy shop. Come down here and see for yourself if everything matches up to how it is touted to be (Short answer: yes)!

Sharing on my Innovator project and journey. I think I did ok.

It truly is a great time to be a griper and whiner. Really excited about the various pitches from educators in Asia, and how to improve the education landscape from here.

Looking forward to the next bunch of Challenges headed this way!

“Fall in love with the problem, not the solution”

Google for Education Innovator Program Team

Details for the Singapore Academy can be found below.

LocationAcademy DatesApplication Deadline
(English only)
September 11 – 13 2019July 5

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