Redesign the online classroom

Shouting down a one-way microphone for weeks on end, while juggling additional roles as parents and caregivers all under the same roof, not to mention the foreboding doom of finances stretched tight for some will result in cumulative fatigue.

In lieu of the fact that no silver lining can be seen anytime soon, why not adjust and adapt to this whole online teaching arrangement, and implement measures which can hopefully ease everyone’s stress level and workload? … More Redesign the online classroom

Google Applied Digital Skills for remote learning

During this COVID-19 situation, field trips / learning journeys are out of the question for almost everyone. Long term service projects are unlikely to happen with the uncertain operational status of various regions and partners. The interaction nature with fellow humans is very likely to change even when striving towards normalcy in the near future.

Why not then make this a time to improve individually instead and emerge from the cocoon as a more well-rounded person? After all, the only thing worth improving is yourself. … More Google Applied Digital Skills for remote learning

Don’t neglect the smart kids

How do you engage the top 10% of your classes? These students are usually accelerated learners who may enjoy learning at a pace far beyond what you are able to prepare adequately for on a daily basis. Chances are, we end up ignoring them due to the attention lavished on those who need more help. But there could be a better way for them to be reasonably engaged, without overextending yourself to prepare more material for them. … More Don’t neglect the smart kids

A whole new {online} world

A journal entry documenting a 15-lesson plod, being stuck at home due to the COVID-19 situation while conducting lessons via Google Meet ( Unpacking the ongoing discovery of instructional designs, tools and obstacles for online learning with my students, and hopefully a guide for others who are contemplating (or have no choice) to conduct similar lessons too. … More A whole new {online} world

Angry Birds

Don’t let language barriers deter your classes from learning! Despite not having a single person in class knowing the Cyrillic script, this gem of an activity designed by Stefan Fritz provided an invaluable gamified learning experience for everyone.
More Angry Birds

“Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”

Remember the joke about how school doesn’t teach anything useful like how to do your taxes, but instead, mind-numbing content like how Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell?

With more than 100 relevant skills-based lessons here for learners of all age groups, you may never have to hear this flaccid joke every again. … More “Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”

Desmos Labs

Thinking of designing games to engage your students?

Yes! I mean No! Formative games are definitely a helpful learning tool, but check out the pre-designed lesson activities in Desmos Labs before building one from scratch! … More Desmos Labs


Every told off students in class for doodling in their notes and Not Paying Attention?


Sketchnotes may be a creative and constructive alternative to helping them learn, offering a graphical cross-section of their learning capabilities. Instead, why not design a lesson allowing them to conjure amazing graphical representations of their learning? … More Sketchnotes


Misogi (禊) is a Japanese Shinto practice of ritual purification by washing the entire body. Definitely nothing relevant which can be used in the classroom, right?

Read on. … More Misogi

Get a life

Take stock of your life.

What makes you a unique individual?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to communicate your interests effectively with the world? How could you excite an audience to buy into your passions, and view the world through your lenses too? … More Get a life

Egg Drop

Ever thought of using a raw egg as part of your lesson? Cheap, readily available in most parts of the world, and opens up a whole world of possibilities for engineering design! … More Egg Drop

Way beyond cool – Google Geo Workshop

“Where are you headed to this time?” “Yellowknife.” “The National Park?” “No, that’s Yellowstone. Yellowknife is in Canada.”  “You’re headed to Canada? In winter? Isn’t that cold?”  Yes. Yes it is. From a country smack on the equator, with temperatures averaging 30 degrees Celsius year-round (that’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit), to a far-flung  part of the … More Way beyond cool – Google Geo Workshop