Way beyond cool – Google Geo Workshop

“Where are you headed to this time?” “Yellowknife.” “The National Park?” “No, that’s Yellowstone. Yellowknife is in Canada.”  “You’re headed to Canada? In winter? Isn’t that cold?”  Yes. Yes it is. From a country smack on the equator, with temperatures averaging 30 degrees Celsius year-round (that’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit), to a far-flung  part of the … More Way beyond cool – Google Geo Workshop

Googly eyes

  “So what are we going to do today?”   I like to think that students in my form class look forward to our weekly Monday afternoon lessons, where I use the Form Teacher (Pastoral Care time) to develop a creative lesson for them to have fun with, instead of preaching the standard lesson material … More Googly eyes

My Geometry Hack – a biker’s perspective

Disclaimer: This is not a post to market or promote the Kawasaki motorcycle brand.  This is a short and fun post to demonstrate how I personalised learning for my Math classes. Ideally, if teaching needs to be customized so that we don’t get replaced by teacherbots, the learning experience in my class has to be so … More My Geometry Hack – a biker’s perspective

Architectural wonders around the world

So here’s my swing at making calculations of surface area and volumes more interesting. This is by far one of the more dreadful topics. Punching numbers on a calculator after plugging them into formulas is arithmetic and isn’t really what Mathematics is about. Bringing manipulatives like toilet rolls, cookie boxes and balls also seems too superficial. Instead, … More Architectural wonders around the world


Here it is. The final submission for the EdTechTeam Online module. Can’t help feeling a wave of relief to finally complete the course, but a great feeling of satisfaction too knowing that these 12 weeks have distilled my thoughts more clearly. Feeling much more confident now in working with EdTech, and a stronger feeling of … More Assessments